Experiences of our incoming students 2018/19

In spring 2019, we asked the incoming students to write a few sentences about their experiences, feelings about Sopron, our University, our Faculty. Here comes the reports:

Mónica Salcedo Díez. (Spain, University of Valladolid)

"I have to do a summary about this months and I don´t know where to start.

Sopron is a small city, that can be scaring at first for Erasmus students but it has a lot of advantages. Is really familiar, hungarian people is, in my experience, really close with new students.

In the university you will find the same situation, the rest of the students are friendly and the teachers try their best to help you and to make you confortable. The clases are quite different to the clases I have had before, the group is not so big so there is place for talking and discussing topics.

You can find cultural offer and diferent activities organiced by the university. There is also diferents sports you can start and they usually have facilities for students.

Hungary in general but specially Sopron is a really good place for traveling because you have good train a bus conections, three airports close and the Price is not so expensive.

If you came from south countries like me, you have to get ready for the weather. Winter is coming and it can be so cold.

Coming here meant for me to start having free time, a shocking and rewarding experience that I would advise to everyone to know yourlsef.

If you like going party (always in my team) you will be very glad to know that in Sopron students usually go party during the week. I have found myself going out every Tuesday and easily also on wendnesdays. During the weekend you have dferent places to go so you don´t get bored.

Is a nice oportunity to know more about hungarian culture, wich is so interesting and enriching. And, of course, hungarian food! Despite they don´t have so many vegan options, I have taken many ideas.

Sopron is surrounded by beatiful forest, great place for going in autumn and sprint to relax and have time with friends.

Coming to Sopron it was one of the best desitions I have made.  Now I feel myself more qualified and ready to solve any problem.

I have had amazing experiences, I have traveled throw many countries and I have met wonderfull people from all over the world.

Always in my heart."


Lorena Bentai (Greece, University of Patras)
Erasmus student in Sopron, 10th of February- 10th of May 2019


My Erasmus was for a short period, although, it was an unforgettable experience! The three months that I stayed in Sopron was enough for me to gather many many experiences.

I will start describing that small town, that’s called Sopron! So, Sopron is a small town near to Austria and of course, near to Vienna. Sopron is a very beautiful and quiet place. I love going and walk in that narrow streets of the town. The whole town is like you live in a fairytale. I love Sopron in spring, where everything is blooming, and the trees are so beautiful and colorful.

One of my favorite places in Sopron is the city Centre, where the fire tower is placed. When the sun goes down, the fire tower is illuminated, and it changes colors. There is a cafeteria, where you can go and enjoy that view.

Talking about cafeterias, there are some in Sopron, where I had the chance to go and tried different drinks. My favorite is, of course, hot chocolate from ‘Frei’ cafe.

Also, I could say that I tried the food from, almost, all the restaurant. I had the chance to try local food and, indisputably, I tried ‘Goulash’ and ‘Palinka’. Hungarian people are very proud about these, so, it’s hard to say NO to them! ‘Goulash’ will miss me in Greece…

Another positive of the town is that it is in the heart of Europe, so the access to other countries is very easy. That gave me the opportunity to travel a lot. My trips were something that made me richer. I had the opportunity to visit the lakes in Hungary, the forests, the beautiful town of Budapest, Gyor and Balaton.

Vienna was my next destination, since it is almost one hour far from Sopron. You can go there by train, that will take you just one hour or by car. Other destinations were in Bratislava, then in Prague and lastly in Poland.

Not only trips make me richer but also, the people. My Erasmus was full of new friends. People from different countries and different personalities. They taught me many things that I didn’t know. For example, I learn about their culture and, of course, about their story. I learnt to dance Hungarian dances, I tried food from Jordan…

Also, I met a lot of Hungarian students. They tried to make my stay in Sopron more interesting and adventurous. Many of them invited me at their houses to make Hungarian dinner for me and they tried to show me how Hungarian people live. I will never forget these people! They make me feel so good and not a ‘stranger’.

What is more, I never rested in Sopron. Students and teachers organize many activities, trips and parties. My favorite activity was hiking. There, I discovered why people in Sopron love and respect nature! I was impressed from the forest, which is so pure. Ι get excited for seeing for the first time a dear or a fox living in their natural habitat. That’s was an unforgettable experience for me!

Last but not least, I will always remember my professors in Sopron: Mrs Rekka, Mr Tamas and Mrs Ibolya.  I really admire their simplicity. From the first day, they tried to make me feel that I am a member of the faculty community. They helped me in many ways: they tried to make me feel ‘home’, giving me information about the university and about life in Sopron.

One day I will go back to Sopron!

I, already, miss Doa, Chinara, my little ‘habibi’ Wassan, Rekka, Tibor and many many others."

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